10 Best Quiet Space Heaters of 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

Last Updated on December 11, 2021

a quiet space heater

Maybe you’ve dealt with that annoying co-worker who’s always cold and brings in their heater to keep their workspace warm. Perhaps that co-worker is you! It’s hard to ignore the loud fan constantly whirring and disturbing the peace of your office. Even at home, a loud heater can negate the comfort it provides by keeping you up at night or making it hard to hear your television.

With all of our modern technology, there’s no need to use devices that can be such a nuisance. We set out to find the best quiet space heaters available so that you can be comfortable in peace. After testing as many as we could get our hands on, we’ve narrowed it down to three that we recommend.

The following reviews will compare 10 of the best so you can see how they stack up against each other, but only the top three have impressed enough to earn our recommendations.

A Summary of our Favorite Picks

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Vornado Vortex Heater Vornado Vortex Heater
  • 3 levels of heat
  • Safety features
  • Vortex air circulation
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Air Choice Radiant Heater Air Choice Radiant Heater
  • No fan
  • Instant heat
  • Carrying handle
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Dr Infrared Space Heater Dr Infrared Space Heater
  • Quite operation
  • Dual heating systems
  • Cleanable lifetime filter
  • Lasko Tower Space Heater Lasko Tower Space Heater
  • Remote control
  • Oscillating heater
  • Digital thermostat
  • DeLonghi Radiator Space Heater DeLonghi Radiator Space Heater
  • Pre-assembled
  • Maintenance free
  • Radiator style heat
  • The 10 Best Quiet Space Heaters – Reviews 2022

    1. Vornado EH1-0091-06 Vortex Heater – Best Overall

    Vornado MVH Vortex Heater

    Small in size but packed with big power, the Vornado Vortex heater is an impressive little unit that outpaced the competition to earn our top position. Rather than a regular forward-facing fan or an oscillating design, this heater uses vortex air circulation to efficiently circulate warm air around the room without having to use intense heat. We found this to be much more comfortable than traditional space heaters that blast you with a hot furnace of dry air. You also get three distinct levels of heat to choose from, so it’s easy to dial in your perfect settings.

    Since it’s so compact, the vortex heater can easily be moved around, though the lack of a carrying handle was noted. However, it has a cool-touch exterior that never got hot so it was still quite portable. It’s also packed with other important safety features like tip-over protection and automatic safety shut-off. This meant we had peace of mind when leaving this heater in the room alone to keep it warm. A five-year warranty protects this device in case of malfunction, but we don’t think you’re likely to experience such issues, which is why the Vornado Vortex tops our list.

    • Vortex air circulation
    • 5-year warranty
    • 3 levels of heat
    • Packed with safety features
    • Compact size
    • No carrying handle

    2. Air Choice 80B Portable Radiant Heater – Best Value

    Air Choice 80B Portable Radiant

    Rather than blow hot air and dry out the room, the Air Choice 80B Portable Radiant Heater uses infrared to heat the objects in the room. We liked the way this heat felt and prefer it to the traditional style of heater that uses a fan blowing air over a hot coil. This unit has no fan at all, which means it’s also much quieter when operating. Another benefit is the instant heat that the Air Choice heater can provide with no need to preheat it. Between these features, we think it’s the best quiet space heater for the money.

    This heater packs a nice punch, effectively warming up the room without getting too hot, thanks to the built-in overheat protection. It gets warm enough that you wouldn’t want to use it on carpet, but you shouldn’t anyway. The tip-over shutoff button on the bottom sinks into the carpet, preventing this heater from running when on soft flooring. Though it’s a powerful little heater that adequately warmed up a medium-sized room, it’s also compact. A small carrying handle is even cut into the top to make it easier to transport while in use.

    • Infrared heats you instead of the air
    • No fan
    • Instant heat – no preheating needed
    • Compact design
    • Carrying handle
    • Doesn’t work on carpet

    3. Dr Infrared Heater DR968 Portable Space Heater – Premium Choice

    Dr Infrared Heater DR968

    The Dr. Infrared Portable Space Heater is an impressive, albeit expensive option for quickly and efficiently heating any area. It uses infrared heat to warm up the objects in the room instead of the air, which provides a more comfortable and even heat that won’t dry you out or become stuffy. The thermostat can be set as high as 86 degrees, but the heater can actually deliver heat of up to 250 degrees. Featuring dual heating systems and a low-noise blower, this heater can warm up large rooms with ease.

    One thing we couldn’t miss on the Dr. Infrared heater is that it’s very large and heavy, weighing 24 pounds. Luckily, there are casters installed on the bottom so that it’s still easy to move around. The casters also help keep it lifted off the ground, a nice touch for safety. There is a filter inside that’s cleanable and is meant to last the lifetime of the heater. You also get a remote control for easy programming without leaving the comfort of your couch.

    • Very quiet operation
    • Infrared heats objects instead of air
    • On wheels for easy transport
    • Can deliver 250-degree heat to your room
    • Cleanable lifetime filter
    • Expensive
    • Big and bulky

    4. Lasko 5572 Ceramic Tower Space Heater

    Lasko 5572 Ceramic Tower

    With an elongated ceramic element that self-regulates to maintain the proper temperature, the Lasko Ceramic Tower Space Heater can effectively heat any medium-sized room. The oscillation aids in this, helping to more evenly distribute the warm air throughout the room. At 30 inches in height, it’s not one of the more compact heaters we tested. But it’s still quite portable, thanks to the cool-carry handle cut into the back of the unit. It’s got important safety features like automatic overheat protection. Plus, you get convenient features such as the built-in timer that lets you run the heater for only a designated duration.

    This heater features digital controls and thermostat so it’s easy to dial in your exact temperature preferences. A remote control is also included, which has a digital temperature readout for your convenience. With such features, it should be no surprise that this is one of the more expensive heaters we tested. Making matters worse, it’s also very inefficient and noticeably raised our energy bills. These drawbacks kept it from climbing higher in our rankings, despite its decent performance.

    • Digital controls and thermostat
    • Remote control
    • Oscillating heat distribution
    • Expensive
    • Raised energy bills

    5. DeLonghi EW7707CM Oil-Filled Radiator Space Heater

    DeLonghi EW7707CM Oil-Filled Radiator

    The DeLonghi Oil-Filled Radiator Space Heater feels like a bit of a throwback to years past. Of course, this one is completely modernized and packed with useful features. For instance, it has a sealed oil system that requires no maintenance or refilling. There’s also a thermostat control built-in so that you can set the level of heat you want and the heater will automatically maintain that temperature.

    Though it offers some helpful features, several major flaws held the DeLonghi heater back. First, it takes a very long time to heat a room since it doesn’t have a fan to distribute the heat. This means it also gets quite hot to the touch and can be a hazard for children and pets. Worse, it’s very top-heavy and can be knocked over quite easily. Since it’s already hot, being knocked over onto the carpet or other flammable objects could spell disaster. On top of all this, it’s a pretty expensive heater, costing considerably more than many of the models we tested. Overall, it’s a useful tool that’s simply outmatched by competitors utilizing more modern technology such as infrared.

    • Radiator style heat
    • No maintenance necessary
    • Takes a long time to heat a room
    • Gets hot to the touch
    • Easily falls over

    6. GiveBest PCT-905 Ceramic Space Heater

    GiveBest Portable Electric Space Heater

    A good space heater needs to be portable so you can move it around the house with you. The GiveBest PCT-905 ceramic space heater is compact and lightweight enough to easily transport and even includes a carrying handle on top so you won’t get burned. For such a small device, it produces adequate levels of heat. But we noticed that even when blowing out hot air, cold air was escaping from the corners. This made it much less comfortable to sit in front of the airflow since you’d be getting blasted by hot and cold air simultaneously. When trying to adjust the temperature, we noticed that the temperature control knob didn’t seem to change the temperature.

    This is a pretty low-cost heater so we didn’t expect too much of it to begin with. That said, we still hoped it would last for a while, but it died in just a few weeks. Despite the convenience of its small size and low price, we think you’d be better off with a unit that will provide you many months or years of reliable usage, even if it’s a bit more expensive.

    • Very compact
    • Carrying handle on top
    • Temperature dial has little effect
    • Short lifespan
    • Blows cold air from the corners

    7. COMLIFE Ceramic Space Heater

    COMLIFE Ceramic Space Heater

    Stepping away from traditional space heater designs, the COMLIFE ceramic space heater opts for a modern look with a cylindrical shape that makes it look more like a music device than a heater. We liked the unique appearance and we felt that it looked more attractive than other heaters we’ve seen. We also appreciated the digital temperature display on the top of the device, making it very easy to dial in your preferred settings. This heater is pretty inexpensive, and most heaters in this price range don’t have fancy digital LED readouts.

    Matching the low price, unfortunately, was a lack of reliability. Ours seemed to shut off at random, even when it was brand new. It would work for a while, then just stop. We thought it may be an overactive overheat shutoff safety feature, but we couldn’t be certain. After a few weeks of spotty performance, it died altogether. If you’re relying on your heater for warmth in the winter months, this would be a very disappointing thing to experience.

    • Interesting looks
    • Digital temperature display
    • Not as powerful as other heaters
    • Stops working at random
    • Died in just a few weeks

    8. DOUHE QN06 Space Heater


    This tiny little heater from DOUHE is one of the most compact that we’ve seen. It’s small enough to fit on or under your desk. At just 1.6 pounds, you can easily move it around with no problems. Of course, that tiny footprint creates other issues, namely, a low heat output. Don’t expect this little heater to warm up a whole room. The heat it does produce isn’t hot enough for our liking, and you have to be near the unit to feel it all. Worse, it started making a loud rattling noise after just a single week of use. Granted, it’s a pretty inexpensive unit, but we still expected it to work for more than a week. It was very quiet, but if it’s not keeping you warm and stops working in short order, then does its quiet operation count for much? In our eyes, the answer is no.

    • Very small
    • Will not heat a whole room
    • Started rattling after a week
    • Doesn’t produce much heat

    9. PELONIS PH-19J Pisa Tower Portable Ceramic Space Heater

    PELONIS PH-19J Pisa Tower

    Inspired by the leaning tower of Pisa, the PELONIS Pisa Tower ceramic heater is tilted backward so that heat is dispersed up and throughout the room. It seems like a good concept, but it wasn’t executed particularly well. Most similar heaters will let you heat up to at least 80 degrees, but this one only lets you go to 70 degrees. This meant that we could never quite get our space as warm as we’d like.

    You can easily transport this device from room to room thanks to the cool-touch exterior. That said, it’s probably easier to keep the exterior cool to the touch when the heater only goes up to 70 degrees. Compared to other heaters, this one isn’t too loud, but compared to the quietest heaters on our list, it made more noise than we prefer. For what you get, we think it’s overpriced and underperforming, which is why it’s down towards the bottom of our list.

    • Cool-touch exterior
    • Only heats up to 70 degrees
    • Overpriced for what you get
    • Louder than expected

    10. TRUSTECH Ceramic Space Heater


    The TRUSTECH Ceramic Space Heater warms up in just three seconds to provide heat to your room. With 120-degree oscillation, it can evenly disperse that heat throughout the area. Or at least, that’s the idea. Unfortunately, this heater doesn’t produce much heat. Certainly not enough to warm up an entire room, even just a medium-sized room. This is partly because the overheat automatic shut-off feature shuts the heater down before it gets warm enough. It would turn on for just a few minutes before shutting off again. It became quite annoying for our testers.

    This isn’t a cheap heater, and at this price range, there are certain features we’d expect to see. For instance, digital controls and a remote. Surprisingly, the TRUSTECH heater included neither. Considering the poor heating performance and lack of helpful features, we think this heater is just too expensive for what it offers. The wide oscillation arc isn’t enough to save this product, so it’s going to be relegated to the very bottom of our list.

    • 120-degree oscillation
    • Too expensive for what you get
    • No digital controls
    • Shuts off too soon – doesn’t heat the room
    • Doesn’t produce much heat

    Buyer’s Guide

    After reading about some of the most popular and quietest space heaters on the market, you may be ready to make a purchase. Or, you may be wondering what really sets these heaters apart from each other. After testing quite a few of them, we have a good idea of what makes a heater more comfortable, convenient, or useful and we’d like to share that information with you.

    Size and Portability

    Space heaters come in many different sizes and designs. Some use a tower-style design that is thin and very tall. Others are short and compact enough to fit underneath your desk. Aside from taking up floor space in your room, size affects how easy it is to move a particular heater from room to room. If it’s large and bulky, it may be more difficult to transport, especially when it’s hot. Many heaters will include a carrying handle that makes it easier to carry small units, but if they’re heavy or large, it can still be more difficult to move. A tower heater, even with a handle cutout, is going to be more difficult to move to a different room than a small heater with a handle on the top. Some heaters are even large enough that they may have casters on them so you can wheel them around.

    The flip side of size is that a larger heater also has a larger heating element. This means that it can, in theory, produce more heat and disperse it over a larger area. If you know you want to move your heater around with you as you change rooms in your home, you may want to opt for a compact heater with a carrying handle. Conversely, if you know you’re only planning to heat one or two main rooms and the heater won’t be doing much migrating, then you may opt for a larger heater that can heat the room more quickly.

    Safety Features

    Today, space heaters can crank out some serious heat. Anytime you have extreme heat in a flammable home, there is a risk of fire. Luckily, manufacturers have done a lot to mitigate this risk by including important safety features in most modern space heaters. Some common safety features include tip-over protection, overheat protection, and automatic shut-off that won’t let the heater run for more than a certain designated amount of time. Not all heaters have all of these features, but most of them will have one or two at least.

    DeLonghi Oil-Filled Radiator Space Heater, Quiet 1500W

    Unfortunately, they don’t always perform how we’d hope, and it can be a hindrance to the functionality of the device when they don’t. For instance, overheat protection is meant to shut the heater down when it reaches a certain temperature so that it won’t overheat and melt or cause a fire. But when it’s too sensitive, you end up with a heater that continually shuts off before the room is even warm. This can be a major annoyance and a detriment to the proper operation of the heater.


    Depending on how large of an area you want to warm up, you may need a very powerful heater or just a moderately powerful one. Some heaters pull 500 watts of power and others will pull 1,500 watts of power. If you just want to warm your feet up under your desk with a small heater, then you probably don’t need the most powerful space heater you can find. On the other hand, if you’re trying to heat a large room with your space heater, you’re going to want one that pumps out as much heat as you can find. Lower power heaters can take longer to heat the same size room, or they may not be able to heat it at all.


    After testing so many different heaters to find which ones won’t keep you up at night or disturb your nearby office mates, we have narrowed the field down to three that we suggest. Our reviews have already compared them against the competition, but we’re going to quickly summarize our recommendations once more so that they’re fresh in your mind. In the end, we think the Vornado Vortex heater was the best choice. Its unique vortex air circulation distributed warm heat evenly throughout the room without having to fry us with intense heat. It’s protected by a five-year warranty, packed with safety features, and is small enough to move between rooms or sit under a desk.

    For the best value, we think the Air Choice 80B portable radiant heater was the best bang for your buck. It provides instant infrared heat that warms up the objects in the room and doesn’t dry you out or use a loud fan to circulate the hot air. But for a premium heating experience, we recommend the Dr Infrared DR968. Its infrared heat was some of the most comfortable we felt and it’s nearly-silent while operating.