10 Best Oil-Filled Heaters 2022 – Reviews, Top Picks & Guide

Last Updated on December 11, 2021

DeLonghi Oil-Filled Radiator Space Heater Quiet 1500W

Oil-filled radiators are an excellent choice for silently heating a room during the cold months of the year. However, choosing the right brand from the thousands of available options is challenging and time-consuming.

We’ve already reviewed dozens of different models, and we believe that we can help you narrow down your search considerably, if not help you choose the exact model you need. We have chosen 10 different models that we believe are worth your time to look over. We’ll tell you everything we like and what we don’t like about each model, and you can compare that with what you need.

We have also included a buyer’s guide where we break down every aspect of the oil-filled radiator to help you understand what makes it work. Once you read the buyer’s guide, you will know how to evaluate a heater yourself.

Keep reading for our detailed reviews of each oil-filled heater, where we compare size, safety, heat, and energy savings to help you make an educated purchase.

Let’s look at the different models we’ve chosen to review for you.

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites

Image Product Details
Best Overall
DeLonghi Space Heater DeLonghi Space Heater
  • 3 heat settings
  • Anti-freeze protection
  • Maintains temperature
  • Best Value
    Second place
    COSTWAY Heater COSTWAY Heater
  • Fast heat
  • Simple controls
  • Overheat protection
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Pelonis Space Heater Pelonis Space Heater
  • ECO setting
  • 24-hour timer
  • Double-layer cover
  • NewAir Space Heater NewAir Space Heater
  • Internal fan
  • Built-in timer
  • 5-degree heat increments
  • Tangkula Electric Oil Heater Tangkula Electric Oil Heater
  • Hot
  • Quiet
  • Even heat
  • The 10 Best Oil-Filled Heaters – Reviews 2022

    1. DeLonghi Oil-Filled Space Heater – Best Overall

    DeLonghi Oil-Filled Radiator

    The DeLonghi EW7707CM Oil-Filled Radiator Space Heater is our choice for best overall. This radiator features 1,500 watts of room warming power. It has three heat settings that determine how fast the room is heated and a variable thermostat to set your ideal temperature. An anti-freeze feature allows the unit to turn on when it detects temperatures below 44 degrees Fahrenheit automatically. There is also an overheat shutoff feature if it gets too hot.

    Comfort Temp technology saves energy by automatically regulating temperature using the best setting. We found that it quickly heated the room we were in and maintained the temperature throughout the day. We never needed to adjust it. Once set, it maintained temperature even as outside temperatures fluctuated.

    The only thing we didn’t like about this model is that it did have an unpleasant odor when we first unpacked it that lasted for several uses.

    • 1,500 watts
    • Maintains temperature
    • Anti-freeze protection
    • Three heat settings
    • Unpleasant odor

    2. COSTWAY 22917 Oil Filled Heater – Best Value

    COSTWAY Oil Filled Radiator

    The COSTWAY 22917-CYPE Oil Filled Radiator Heater is our choice for best value, and after you tale a look at what it has to offer, we think you will agree that it is the best oil-filled heater for the money. The COSTWAY is a compact 700-watt space heater designed to heat a small area of about 400 square feet. It’s effortless to use and only has a thermostat and a power button that control the heat. It features overheat and tip-over protection, so you don’t need to worry about it falling over of burning up.

    The COSTWAY did a fantastic job of quickly heating our small area, but the lack of heat settings made it hard for us to dial in a temperature we didn’t need to adjust every hour or two. Once placed in a larger area, it proved to be too mall to make any real change in temperature.

    • No heat settings
    • Only suitable for a small area

    3. Pelonis NY1506 Space Heater – Premium Choice

    Pelonis Space Heater

    The Pelonis NY1506-18SRA Space Heater is our premium choice. This oil-filled radiator is for those that want a high-quality space heater and aren’t afraid to spend a few extra dollars to get one. The Pelonis features a unique double-layer cover design. This new design optimizes thermal conductivity and speeds up the warming process. It has a 24-hour timer that can turn the heater on or off depending on your needs.

    Three heat settings determine how fast the unit heats, and an ECO setting to reduce the amount of power consumed by the device. It has an anti-scalding cover, tip-over protection, overheat protection, and an easy to understand control panel with remote control.

    Besides the high cost, there isn’t much to complain about, and it would have ranked higher if it were cheaper. It also has a loud and slightly annoying click when it automatically turns on and off.

    • ECO setting
    • Double-layer cover
    • 24-hour timer
    • tip-over protection
    • High cost
    • Loud clicking noise

    4. NewAir AH-450B Oil-Filled Space Heater

    NewAir Electric Oil-Filled

    The NewAir AH-450B is a personal heater designed for rooms as large as 12’ x 13’ and features a handy remote control that lets you set your temperature in 5-degree increments. It has a built-in 10-hour timer to help make sure you don’t leave it on longer than you intend to. It also includes an automatic shutoff to guard against overheating and tip-over protection that will shut the heater off it accidentally tips over. This model has an internal fan to help move the air around.

    As we reviewed this model, we felt that it’s a little too tall and easily tipped. The remote is nice, but the front panel on the radiator is tilted, so you can’t read it from a distant position, so it’s not much use. It also makes a harsh and annoying beep when adjusting.

    • Built-in timer
    • 5-degree heat increments
    • Internal fan
    • Top-heavy
    • Annoying sound when changing settings
    • Useless remote

    5. Tangkula Electric Oil Heater

    Tangkula Electric Oil Heater

    The Tangkula Electric Oil Heater features seven oil-filled slots and provides efficient heating using a little over 4 pounds of oil. It features three heat settings, and while we reviewed it, we experienced a gentle, even heat. It’s a very quiet heater, and it provides a place in front to wrap the cord when not in use for easy storage. It also has an automatic shutoff if the unit overheats.

    The Tangkula gets quite hot and can burn you if you’re not careful. We wish it had more heat settings. In our review, hot was too hot, and the medium was too cold. There’s no timer or tip-over protection, so you need to keep a constant eye on it.

    • Quiet
    • Even heat
    • Hot
    • No timer
    • Not enough heat settings

    6. Aikoper NY1507-17QR Space Heater

    Aikoper Space Heater 1500W Oil Filled Radiator heater with 24-Hours Time

    The Aikoper NY1507-17QR Space Heater is a 1,500-watt oil-filled radiator. It features a digital thermometer that lets you set your ideal temperature in single degree increments. It uses a design that makes the most of natural airflow and doesn’t need a fan. It has tip-over protection, overheat-shutoff, and anti-freeze protection. The wide wheelbase helps keep the radiator stable and easy to transport, and an ECO mode helps reduce energy costs.

    While we reviewed this model, we found that it heated slowly, even by radiator standards. While we like the precise temperature settings, we found the thermostat to be far off the actual temperature, and you will need to have an accurate thermometer on hand if you want to achieve a specific temperature.

    • 1,500 watts
    • tip-over protection
    • Wide wheelbase
    • ECO mode
    • Slow heating
    • Inaccurate thermostat

    7. Comfort Zone CZ7007J Oil-Filled Heater


    The Comfort Zone CZ7007J is a compact oil filled heater designed for smaller rooms and uses only five fins to distribute heat. It features three heat settings and an adjustable thermostat for easy but versatile control. It has tip-over protection and a stay-cool body to prevent accidental burn.

    In our experience with this machine, it had a bad smell at first, but it did go away after a few uses. The on-off light stays on all the time, and one of the wheels kept falling off on us.

    • Compact size
    • Stay-cool body
    • Tip-over protection
    • Bad smell
    • Light stays on
    • Faulty wheels

    8. Insignia Oil-Filled Radiator Heater

    Insignia HTRFBK6

    The Insignia HTRFBK6 uses a 12.5-amp radiator to heat up to 144 square feet. It has a remote control and an easy to understand control panel. You can set the temperature in 5-degree increments, and its wide wheelbase will help it stay upright while you’re moving it around. There are three heat settings and a power indicator light.

    The only things that we didn’t like about this heater are that it takes a long time to get hot and warm the room, and when it gets going, it is very hot to the touch and could burn a small child.

    • Set temp in 5-degree increments
    • Wide wheelbase
    • Slow to warm
    • Can burn children

    9. Optimus Portable Oil Filled Heater

    Optimus H-6003

    The Optimus H-6003 features an ultra-compact design and only stand a little over a foot tall. This heater is a personal size heater for a desktop, under the desk, or similar small area. It delivers 700 watts of heat, and you can easily set the temperature with a rotary knob on the front panel.

    In our opinion, even though this heater does throw off some heat, it is just a little too small for practical use. Ceramic heaters are much better at personal heating and will easily outperform this unit. We also noticed that the overheat shutoff is triggered often.

    • Easy to use
    • Too small
    • Automatic overheat shutdown is often triggered

    10. Honeywell 7 Oil Filled Radiator Heater

    Honeywell 7 Fin

    The Honeywell HZ-709 is the last model heater we will present to you, and while it might not have the bells and whistles that the first three have, there may still be something about it that interests you. This model is built using solid, heavy-gauge steel with a rut free enamel finish. It has three heat settings to set the speed at which the room heats. It features a temperature et function that will work to maintain your desired temperature automatically. An included 12-hour timer will shut off the machine when the duration expires.

    While we used this model, we noticed that the thermostat doesn’t work with the heat setting set to High, and it will continue to heat the room until you take action. In our small area, we saw the temperature rise well into the 80s and the device continued to heat. When you turn the machine on, it defaults to the high heat setting, so if you forget to set it every time you turn it on, you will waste some electricity.

    • Timer
    • Steel body
    • The thermostat doesn’t work on High
    • Wastes power
    • Gets too hot

    Buyer’s Guide

    Let’s look at some things that are important to look for when you are choosing an oil-filled radiator.

    Room Size

    The size of the area you need to heat is one of the first and most important considerations. Oil-filled radiators don’t have built-in fans, so they rely on convection.  As air warms, it gets lighter and creates a draft as the cold air pushes it. In a small room, this draft will circulate the air past the radiator and slowly increase the average temperature, but in a large room, the warm air is likely to move out of range where it will cool again.

    Room Insulation

    Like with room size, radiators use air currents to raise the average temperature of an enclosed area gradually.  If there is insufficient insulation, the cold air will continuously push the warm air from the area, and it will not get the chance to gradually increase the temperature.

    Radiator Size

    The size of the radiator will determine how many square feet you can heat. A larger heater will also heat an area much quicker than a small one. Most oil-filled heaters will have a suggested square foot size listed on the packaging. To get the number of square feet, multiply the length times the width. For example, a 10-foot by 12-foot room will need a heater capable of warming 120-feet.

    Though heaters are bought based on the square feet in an area, it’s important to note the height as well, especially with this type of heater. The lack of fans can allow warm air to sit near the ceiling, and if the ceilings are high, it can be a lot of wasted heat.

    It’s also important to remember that when dealing with oil-filled radiators, smaller units tend to be hotter to the touch than the larger ones.

    NewAir Electric Oil-Filled Space Heater Indoor Personal Heater

    Radiator Design

    The radiator seems like a simple thing, but there are quite a few different designs it can employ. As we have already mentioned, size is one wat that radiators can differ, and smaller ones will burn you more quickly than a large one. A radiator’s ability to burn is a serious consideration if you have children or pets.

    Radiators can also have more fins for more efficient heating. They can also have timers, heat level settings, thermostats, and other features like forced air heaters.

    Radiator Quality

    When choosing an oil-filled radiator, it’s important to note the quality of the construction and the materials used. Look for heaters made from high-quality steel with a thick enamel coating. Pay special attention to the welding of the fins; you do not want your radiator to leak.


    We hope that after reading this article, you have learned something new about oil-filled heaters and are closer to deciding on the model right for you. We stand by our choice for best overall. The DeLonghi EW7707CM Oil-Filled Radiator Space Heater provides 1,500 watts of heating power to warm the room quickly, and it has the technology to keep it there. It also features anti-freeze technology to help keep your pipes from accidentally freezing. Our choice for the best value, the COSTWAY 22917-CYPE Oil Filled Radiator Heater, will also cover all the bases and warm your environment at a low cost.

    If you have learned something new after reading our buyer’s guide and this article has helped you make a choice, please share our best oil-filled heaters reviews and top picks on Facebook and Twitter.