10 Best Modern Ceiling Fans of 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

Last Updated on December 11, 2021

Harbor Breeze Mazon 44-in Brushed Nickel Flush Mount Indoor Ceiling Fan with Light Kit and Remote

Maybe it’s time to update your old, outdated ceiling fan, or maybe you’d like to add form and function to one of your rooms. You want to take advantage of the energy efficiency of a modern ceiling fan to help your room become breezy cool, and you’d like its look to match your style.

When searching for modern ceiling fans, you’ll quickly discover that there are plenty of models to consider — it may become overwhelming to scroll through endless options.

We’ve done all the work for you by ranking the top 10 modern ceiling fans, along with helpful reviews and pros and cons lists, so you can find the best ceiling fan to add style and cooling comfort to your room.

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Casa Vieja Ceiling Fan Casa Vieja Ceiling Fan
  • Remote control
  • Easy to operate
  • Light dimming function
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan
  • Compact
  • 3 fan speeds
  • Reversible motor
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Possini Ceiling Fan Possini Ceiling Fan
  • Unique fan blade
  • Nickel-finished motor
  • Effectively circulates air
  • Rivet Ceiling Fan Rivet Ceiling Fan
  • Easy to install
  • Sleek, casual look
  • Full-function remote
  • Westinghouse Ceiling Fan Westinghouse Ceiling Fan
  • 4 blade speeds
  • Dimmer on lighting
  • 2 fan blade color options
  • The 10 Best Modern Ceiling Fans – Reviews 2022

    1. Casa Vieja Casa Modern Ceiling Fan – Best Overall

    Casa Vieja

    Our top pick earns its place as the best overall choice for its simple yet stylish look and easy operation of both the fan and the light. The Casa Vieja Casa Journey modern ceiling fan looks great in nearly any room with its oil-rubbed bronze finish and five blades also finished in bronze and spanning 52 inches.

    The lighting feature has an alabaster glass bowl design. Energy-efficient LED bulbs are included at purchase. Plus, the Casa Vieja comes with a remote control that has a light dimming function.

    We found that the Casa Vieja runs generally runs quietly, aside from one or two reports of dinging sounds. Also, if you need a downrod longer than five to six inches, you may not be able to easily find a suitable part.

    • Stylish and simple look
    • Easy to operate
    • LED bulbs included at purchase
    • Remote control
    • Light dimming function
    • Short downrod
    • May produce dinging sound

    2. Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan – Best Value

    Harbor Breeze Mazon

    Our choice for the best modern ceiling fan for the money goes to the Harbor Breeze Mazon indoor ceiling fan. This compact fan at 44 inches with a contemporary design is ideal for a small room or office up to 100 square feet.

    Three fan speeds, plus a reversible motor, will give you pleasant air circulation. You can conveniently control this ceiling fan with a remote that comes with a wall cradle, though it may not keep a firm hold on your remote, causing it to fall. Also, the fan can only be operated by the remote, as it does not have other controls.

    One 18-watt LED bulb is included at purchase to illuminate the matte opal glass light kit. The remote controls the dimming feature as well. We did discover some issues with controlling the brightness of the light.

    • Best value
    • Compact size
    • Three fan speeds
    • Reversible motor
    • Stylish contemporary design
    • Poorly constructed remote cradle
    • Dimming feature may not function properly

    3. Possini Modern Ceiling Fan – Premium Choice

    Possini Euro Design

    For its unique look and superior function, the Possini Euro Design modern ceiling fan is our premium choice. The brushed nickel-finish motor surrounded by two circular and figure-eight-shaped dark Koa-finish molded ABS blades can create a modern statement in your room.

    Not only is the Possini a conversation starter, the 52-inch blade span with a 12-degree pitch does an effective job circulating the air. An integrated dimmable LED light allows you to set the lighting to your preference.

    There are three factors to consider before purchasing this modern ceiling fan. First, this unusual look costs at least twice as much as other products on our list. Next, we discovered that in some cases, the running fan may produce a humming noise. Finally, this fan comes with a six-inch downrod. You’ll need to pay extra and separately for a longer rod.

    • Unique fan blade shape and look
    • Attractive nickel-finished motor
    • Effectively circulates air
    • Expensive
    • May produce humming noise
    • One-size downrod

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    4. Rivet Modern Ceiling Mount Fan

    Rivet Modern Remote

    Consider the Rivet modernceiling fan for a sleek, casual look with an up-to-date design. You’ll notice how well the three, dark maple-finished wooden blades circulate the air. A full function remote provides the option for three speeds. The circular light fixture with aged brass finish comes with an 18-watt integrated LED light.

    Overall, we found that most owners were satisfied with the quality and performance of this ceiling fan. A few minor issues included the quality of the wooden blades, the brightness and lack of dimming option of the light, and that the flush mount may hang too low depending on your ceiling height. However, this fan is easy to install.

    • Sleek, casual look
    • Circulates the air well
    • Full-function remote
    • 18-watt LED light included
    • Easy to install
    • Lower quality wooden fan blades
    • Unable to dim light
    • Flush mount may be too low in some rooms

    5. Westinghouse Lighting Indoor Ceiling Fan

    Westinghouse Lighting 7205900

    You can flip the color of the square-end blades between a black matte finish or a bleached cherry look with this contemporary design Westinghouse Lighting indoor ceiling fan. This moderately sized 52-inch ceiling fan has a high-quality motor that’s able to quietly circulate the air in large rooms of up to 400 square feet.

    For convenient operation, a remote control allows you to switch between four different blade speeds and work the dimmer for the light. You also have the option of reversing the direction of the fan for seasonal comfort.

    We found that this fan delivers well by creating a cool breeze for your larger rooms. You may want to exchange the 40-watt bulbs included at purchase, as they may not offer enough lighting for your preference. Also, at the highest fan speed, there is some oscillation. However, since this fan tends to be less costly, you may want to overlook these minor issues.

    • Two fan blade color options
    • Circulates air well in larger rooms
    • Four blade speeds and reversible speed
    • Dimmer on lighting
    • Remote-controlled functions
    • 40-watt lightbulb may be too dim
    • Some oscillation at highest blade speed

    6. Honeywell Carnegie LED Ceiling Fan

    Honeywell Ceiling Fans 50614-01

    If your home reflects an industrial style, you may want to consider the Honeywell ceiling fan with its Edison-style light bulbs, bronze-finished motor housing, and rustic, dual-finish blades in rough pine and chestnut. Plus, you can adjust how you would like to mount this fan based on your room’s needs. A 4-inch downrod is included at purchase, or you mount it at an angle or flush.

    While you may not be impressed with the air circulation, you will certainly notice how quiet this ceiling fan runs. A remote control adjusts the three speed settings, light dimmer, and special features such as Smart Sync and Walk Away Light Delay. Smart Sync is designed to work with Amazon’s Alexa. However, we found that you probably won’t be able to actually connect with Alexa.

    Finally, be aware that most owners of this product had great difficulty with installation.

    • Attractive, industrial-style look
    • Mounting options include downrod or at an angle or flush
    • Runs quietly
    • Remote control
    • Three speed settings
    • Light dimmer and Walk Away Light Delay
    • Poor air circulation
    • Installation is highly difficult
    • Does not always pair with Alexa

    7. Stone & Beam Modern Ceiling Fan

    Stone & Beam Modern Indoor

    Enjoy casual style and ease of function with this Stone and Beam modern ceiling fan. Ideal for just about any room in the house, four beechwood-finished blades surround a steel dome with a bronze finish and a circular disk light. The 18-watt integrated LED light is bright and does not include a dimmer. The remote can adjust the three different speeds.

    We found that most owners were satisfied with how well the fan circulated air. Depending on your tastes, you may not find the large, boxy design of the remote appealing, but it is functional. Although installation isn’t too difficult, the directions may be confusing. Also, the price may be higher than its overall quality.

    • Attractive, casual style
    • 18-watt LED lightbulb included
    • Three fan blade speeds
    • Unappealing remote design
    • Confusing directions
    • Higher priced

    8. Metropolitan Modern Double Ceiling Fan

    Metropolitan Modern Double Ceiling Fan

    Two fans situated on either side of a centered light along a single frame give the Metropolitan Modern Double Ceiling Fan a distinct look that can add interest to any room in your house.

    The two 24-inch blades can be flipped to reveal either a distressed walnut finish or a hickory finish. Each motor has an oil-rubbed bronze finish and the ability to adjust at a parallel, the floor, or a 45-degree angle. An included remote control allows you to choose between three fan speeds, reversible fan direction, and dimming the light.

    We found that the dual fans circulate the air well in small areas. Also, the customer service is prompt and helpful — unfortunately, you may be calling them often. We learned that many of the fans had issues with the remote malfunctioning, the light bulb burning out, or the motors not operating. Also, from an aesthetic sense, the fans may not be mounted at equal distances from the centered light.

    • Distinct dual fan look
    • Reversible fan blade finishes
    • Adjustable and reversible fan direction
    • Light dimmer
    • Helpful customer service
    • Remote may malfunction
    • Light bulb may burn out quickly
    • Motors may cease to operate
    • Uneven design flaw

    9. Andersonlight Modern LED Ceiling Fan

    Andersonlight 48-Inch Modern LED Ceiling

    If you’re looking for lighting options and a stylish stainless-steel look, you may want to consider the Andersonlight modern LED ceiling fan. You can choose between three glare-reducing, high-quality lighting effects, including a yellow, a warm, or a white light. The LED ceiling fan light is surrounded by corrosion-resistant and rust-proof metal blades.

    While we found the blades to be thin, they effectively circulate the air with little noise. Plus, their spinning direction can be reversed. However, the overall stability of the fan may be an issue, especially at high speed. Wobbling may occurr with either of the two included, different-sized downrods.

    Lack of overall ease-of-use and product satisfaction dropped the Andersonlight to our second-to-last spot on our list. The included remote does not easily adjust lighting settings and power controls, and we noticed that the unit unnecessarily beeps with each input. Finally, we could not find replacement lightbulbs.

    • Three lighting options
    • Stylish stainless-steel look
    • Effectively moves the air
    • Reversible fan circulation
    • Unstable when running at high speed
    • Remote lacking in ease-of-use
    • Unnecessarily beeping when changing options
    • Unavailable replacement lightbulbs

    10. Hyperikon Modern Industrial Hugger

    Hyperikon 56 Inch

    Powerful air circulation is a reason to consider the Hyperikon Modern Industrial Hugger. The DC motor enclosed in a sleek iron body can spin the five glossy black fan blades up to 189 RPM. The included remote control gives you the option to reverse the circulation, choose between six speed levels, power the lights, or set a timer.

    The light dome contains innovative, integrated COB Diode technology, which means you won’t need to search for replacement bulbs. While this works as intended, we did find the light output to not be as bright compared to other models.

    We discovered that you’ll definitely notice the wind-producing power of this fan, but it falls to the last place on our list for lacking in high-quality construction and poor customer service. We discovered that many fans arrived damaged at purchase or had their blades fall off after a few uses. Finally, installation may present challenges.

    • Powerful air circulation
    • Reversible fan direction
    • Integrated lighting technology
    • Low-quality construction
    • Poor customer service
    • Difficult installation
    • Light output less bright
    • No dimmer options


    The Casa Vieja 60X62-55N80 Casa Journey Modern Ceiling Fan earned our top pick for best overall modern ceiling fan. With a stylish and simple look, the Casa Vieja has an easy-to-operate remote control with a light dimming function. Also, the LED bulbs are included at purchase. Its only disadvantages are that it comes with a short downrod and may produce a dinging sound.

    The Harbor Breeze 00724 Mazon Indoor Ceiling Fan is our best value choice. With a compact size and stylish contemporary design, this fan has three speeds and a reversible motor. Its drawbacks are a poorly constructed remote cradle and a malfunctioning dimming feature.

    The Possini Euro Design SW1510 BN Modern Ceiling Fan is our premium choice due to its unique fan blade shape and look, attractive nickel-finished motor, and ability to effectively circulate the air. However, it is expensive, may produce a humming noise, and for the money, contains only one size of downrod.

    Hopefully, our reviews, along with our pros and cons lists, have helped you find a stylish, functional modern ceiling fan for your space. We’re optimistic that you’ll soon be enjoying the new look and efficient comfort that a modern ceiling fan can provide.