10 Best Electric Blankets of 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

Last Updated on December 11, 2021

Pure Enrichment PureRelief Plush Heated Throw

Electric blankets are fantastic devices that have been around for many years. Most of us have probably run across at least one in our lifetime, but this is also a product that keeps changing to meet safety standards and other modern needs. Today, there are so many brands available that it can be challenging to find a suitable choice.

We have chosen 10 popular electric blankets to review for you to help give you a better idea about what kind of blanket you need. We have also included a buyer’s guide where we look at the different aspects of the electric blanket to learn what is essential to know before making a purchase.

Keep reading for our detailed reviews of each brand of electric, where we compare heat level, safety, weight, and softness, to help you make an educated purchase.

These are the ten electric blankets we have chosen to review for you.

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Perfect Fit Blanket Perfect Fit Blanket
  • Low-voltage
  • Certified non-hazardous
  • Soft polyester micro-fleece
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Sunbeam Blanket Sunbeam Blanket
  • 3 heat settings
  • 3-hour automatic shutoff
  • Machine washable
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Shavel Blanket Shavel Blanket
  • Seven layers
  • 8 heat settings
  • 10-hour automatic shutoff
  • Biddeford MicroPlush Blanket Biddeford MicroPlush Blanket
  • 10 heat settings
  • Automatic shutoff
  • Soft micro-plush Sherpa fabric
  • MaxKare Blanket MaxKare Blanket
  • Reversible
  • 4 heat settings
  • Long power cable
  • The 10 Best Electric Blankets – Reviews 2022

    1. Perfect Fit Electric Heated Blanket – Best Overall

    Perfect Fit

    The Perfect Fit LVBQ-H2-030 Electric Heated Blanket is our pick for the best overall electric blanket. This blanket is a soft polyester micro-fleece that is comfortable and warm on its own. Unlike most electric blankets the wires in this brand are extremely thin and barely noticeable, so it doesn’t feel like a warming blanket. This blanket is low voltage and uses a converter to change the alternating current coming from your home into direct current to power the blanket. It is certified as non-hazardous and produces no EMFs.

    The warming action of this blanket is likely to take some getting used to, as it doesn’t heat the same way as a traditional electric blanket. This brand uses a low voltage DC electricity to warm the blanket gradually and maintain temperature. Traditional blankets heat up fast and cycle between on and off to maintain the temperature. So, if you like to get into a warm bed, this blanket isn’t for you.

    • Soft polyester micro-fleece
    • Low-voltage
    • Certified non-hazardous
    • Doesn’t get hot

    2. Sunbeam Heated Throw Blanket – Best Value


    The Sunbeam TSF8US-R310-31A00 Heated Throw Blanket is our choice for the best value electric blanket. This blanket is almost as good as our top choice and costs less. We believe you will agree that this is the best electric blanket for the money. This soft polyester throw blanket is a little smaller than a traditional blanket but it provides plenty of heat adjustable in three heat settings. It’s machine washable and can also go in the dryer. This brand also features an automatic three hour shut off for increased safety.

    The only thing we didn’t like about the Sunbeam was that the heat setting controller cord is very short, so it sits down by your feet, and you have to get up to adjust the temperature.

    • Soft polyester
    • Three-hour automatic shutoff
    • Machine washable
    • Three heat settings
    • Short controller cord

    3. Shavel Electric Blanket – Premium Choice

    Shavel Home Products

    The Shavel THREBKGSGR Electric Blanket is our premium choice for electric blankets. This blanket is seven layers thick and uses a soft polyester micro-flannel in its construction. It’s comfortable and warm before you plug it in. The controller features eight heat settings to maximize comfort, and it automatically shuts off after ten hours in case you forget. It also comes equipped with a 16-foot power cord and is available in several colors to match any decor.

    What we didn’t like besides the high cost of the Shavel is that the controller light doesn’t stay on. Without the light, it’s tough to find the controller and adjust the temperature settings.

    • Soft polyester micro-flannel
    • Eight heat settings
    • 10-hour automatic shutoff
    • 16-foot cord
    • Seven layers
    • Available in several colors
    • Expensive
    • Controller light goes out

    4. Biddeford MicroPlush Electric Heated Blanket


    The Biddeford 2063-9052140-702 MicroPlush Electric Heated Blanket features a soft micro-plush Sherpa fabric. This blanket is thick and slightly dense with a bit of weight to it. It has ten heat settings for fine-tuning the temperature of the blanket, and it also features an automatic shutoff to decrease the risk of injury or fire. It’s machine washable and is available in several colors.

    We didn’t like the controller on this blanket. It feels very cheaply made, and ours stopped working after about a month of use and smelled of burnt electronics.

    • Soft micro-plush Sherpa fabric
    • Automatic shutoff
    • Ten heat settings
    • Machine washable
    • Cheap controller

    5. MaxKare Electric Blanket


    The MaxKare Electric Blanket is one of the thickest and fluffiest on this list. It’s reversible and is a red color on one side and white on the other. There are four heat settings to maximize comfort and a built-in three-hour automatic shut-off. It’s machine washable and features a long 10-foot power cable.

    While we were reviewing the MaxKare, we noticed that it doesn’t get as hot as many of the other brands on this list. Another thing we noticed is that the wires don’t cover the entire blanket, and there are several inches on the top and bottom that won’t get hot.

    • Four heat settings
    • 3-hour automatic shut-off
    • Reversible
    • Machine washable
    • Long power cable
    • Doesn’t get too hot
    • Wires don’t cover the whole blanket

    6. Serta Reversible Electric Throw Blanket


    The Serta 861065 Reversible Electric Throw Blanket is a reversible blanket that features Sherpa style fabric on one side and fleece on the other. It has five heat settings for fine-tuning your comfort level and has a built-in automatic-shutoff that safely turns off the blanket after four hours. This brand is also machine washable.

    There were a few things we didn’t like about this blanket while we were reviewing it. It didn’t get very hot. Even when placed on the highest setting, it would take quite a while to heat up sufficiently. It also starts on the lowest setting when you turn it on, so you need to adjust the setting each time manually.

    • Reversible
    • Five heat settings
    • 4-hour automatic shutoff
    • Machine washable
    • Doesn’t get very hot
    • Always starts on the lowest setting
    • Thin

    7. Sable Electric Throw Heated Blanket


    The Sable Electric Throw Heated Blanket is a very soft polyester blanket with ten heat settings. It gets hot quickly, and a built-in automatic shutoff is adjustable for one, two, or three hours. It’s machine washable and has an eight-foot long power cord.

    We were impressed at how fast this brand gets hot, but while we were reviewing this blanked, we noticed that it did bleed some of the red color onto our clothing. Besides this issue, the blanket was nice. The controller was the problem with this brand because when you turn it on, you need to press several buttons to make all of the settings, which gets to be a pain. If you need to turn it on at night, each button press makes an audible clicking sound that is sure to wake up anyone sleeping nearby. There is also no light telling you if the blanket is on or off, which you need more than you might think.

    • Ten temperature settings
    • Polyester
    • Machine washable
    • Automatic shutoff
    • No light to tell you if it’s on
    • Color bleeds onto clothes
    • Controller makes noise
    • Difficult to set

    8. iTeknic Electric Blanket


    The iTeknic Electric Blanket is a throw type blanket that features ten heat settings for dialing in the perfect temperature. The ten-foot cord is long enough for most uses around the home, and it is machine washable, so there is no need to worry about pets or children. An adjustable timer lets you set the desired time before the blanket automatically shuts off. The range of time the blanket can stay on is one to three hours.

    This blanket is very soft, but it’s also lightweight and doesn’t provide much warmth if it’s not plugged in. The lightweight fabric is too slippery and difficult to keep from sliding off your body while using it. This controller also requires an excessive amount of button-pressing to turn it on, and there is no off button. You must wait for the blanket timer to run its course or pull the plug to shut it off after it has begun.

    • 10 temperature settings
    • Machine washable
    • One to three-hour automatic shutoff
    • 10-foot cord
    • Slippery fabric
    • No off button
    • Lightweight

    9. Degrees of Comfort Dual-Control Electric Blanket

    Degrees of Comfort

    The Degrees of Comfort DC54-0055 Dual-Control Electric Blanket id a high-quality electric blanket that is purchasable in any bed size. It features 20 different heat settings for incredibly precise control over the temperature. It has two controllers so each side can have independent heat. It has a 12.5-foot power cord that should be long enough to reach most outlets, and each controller has a 6-foot long cable. The automatic shutoff can be set from 1 to 10 hours, in 1-hour increments.

    There are so many great things about this blanket that we wanted to love it. Unfortunately, the material is very thin, and you can feel the wires. The fabric sheds small fibers and is also incredibly slippery. We found it impossible to keep in place, even when sandwiched between two blankets. The 20 temperature settings are nice, but we didn’t think they were that useful because the blanket didn’t get that hot.

    • 20 heat settings
    • 5-foot long power cord
    • 6-foot long controller cord
    • 1 to 10-hour automatic shutoff
    • Dual controls
    • The thin, slippery fabric
    • Expensive
    • Fabric sheds
    • Doesn’t get that hot

    10. Pure Enrichment Electric Blanket

    Pure Enrichment

    The Pure Enrichment PEHTTHRO-G Electric Blanket is the final brand of electric blanket on our list. It is a throw style, so it’s a little smaller than a full-size blanket. This brand is reversible, featuring micro-mink on one side and Sherpa on the other. It’s thick enough to use without plugging it in and is quite comfortable.

    What we didn’t like while we were reviewing this brand was that the cord is quite short, so you’ll need to buy some extension cord, or sit close by an outlet. We also thought that the two-hour shut off is too short, partly because the blanket isn’t very hot. We often found we would begin to get comfortable when the blanket would shut off.

    • Reversible
    • Thick
    • Short cord
    • Not durable
    • 2-hour shut-off
    • Not that hot

    Buyer’s Guide

    Let’s discuss some of the things you should look for when choosing an electric blanket, as well as the dangers associated with it.

    Heat Level

    The first thing you are likely to be concerned with when choosing an electric blanket is whether it will get hot enough to warm you on the coldest nights. You can often guess the amount of heat a blanket creates by looking at the number of watts that it uses. More watts equal more heat. Most electric blankets are in the 100-watt range, and these should produce plenty of heat for most needs. You might be able to find some brands that go up to 200 watts, but while these blankets will get hotter, they may also burn out faster.

    New brands are now coming out with lower watt models, like our top pick. These blankets use a new technology that is much safer and provides a more consistent and even heat. These blankets will take some getting used to, though, as they work very gradually to provide warmth.


    There are four serious dangers associated with electric blankets: electromagnetic radiation (EMFs), shock, fire, and burns.

    Electromagnetic Radiation

    Many people worry about the possibility that electric blankets can cause cancer by bombarding our body with electromagnetic radiation created by the alternating current in our home running through the thin wires in the blanket. While it’s true that blankets create electromagnet radiation, there is no hard evidence that it leads to cancer at this time. Electromagnetic radiation is considered more dangerous at higher frequencies than are produced by most household objects, except for devices that create ions.

    Shock Hazard

    Another danger to consider when using an electric blanket is the possibility that if you spill something on it you can get shocked. While this is certainly a danger, and you should always be very careful not to spill, modern blankets use a considerable amount of insulation to prevent this from happening, and there is a low chance you will get shocked. Of course, as you use the blanket, the heat created by the wires, as well as normal pulling and bending, may break down that insulation over time and increase the risk of shock.

    To make sure you are using a blanket with intact wire insulation, we recommend replacing the blanket every two or three years, even if it still works.

    Fire Hazard

    Fire and burns are the most significant danger presented by an electric blanket. Fire can start in several ways when using these blankets. Fires usually start in the control box or where the blanket connects to the plug, but they can also start inside the material if the wire insulation breaks down and catches the fabric on fire.

    Faulty design is often the cause, and these blankets will usually catch fire not long after purchase. Otherwise, the biggest reason these blankets catch fire is extended heating times. An electric blanket should only be on for a few hours at a time and should never be unattended. The addition of the automatic shut off has dramatically reduced the number of electric blanket fires.

    Thermee Micro Flannel Micro Flannel Electric Blanket


    Leaving an electric blanket on a setting too high can cause minor skin burns. Skin burns are a serious concern for people with diabetes and other medical conditions that can leave the skin sensitive to heat. We recommend that you never fall asleep with your blanket still heating before you are well acquainted with how much heat it provides. We don’t recommend an electric blanket if you have heat sensitivity, it’s not worth the risk.

    Ease of Operation

    Modern controllers can be unnecessarily complex. We recommend you look for a controller with simple functions. An on-off button and a few heat settings are all that is required. You want to be able to see what temperature you have it set for, you don’t want to have to climb out of bed to make adjustments, and you don’t want the controller to make so much noise that changing settings wakes people up.

    Size and Comfort

    Finally, you want your blanket to be comfortable and large enough to cover your bed, or yourself if it’s a throw. Most modern blankets use a type of polyester that is exceptionally soft to the touch. You want to pay attention to the thickness and make sure it will be warm without turning it on. You also want to make sure the fabric isn’t too slippery, which might cause it to slide and bunch up while you sleep.

    Throw blankets will be smaller and are often more decorative. The control wire, as well as the power cord, are usually much shorter than those with a standard blanket. Standard blankets are larger and often have no design. These blankets can have more than one controller, with more complex settings, and the wires are usually quite long.


    We recommend a blanket that is thick enough to warm you without turning on the power. It should have a few heat settings to allow you to maintain maximum comfort, and it should have an automatic shutoff. If you want the safest blanket possible with a natural, even heat, we recommend our choice for best overall. The Perfect Fit LVBQ-H2-030 Electric Heated Blanket features a unique modern design that doesn’t produce any EMFs and requires very little electricity. The Sunbeam TSF8US-R310-31A00 Heated Throw Blanket is another great choice. This brand is our best value and is a traditional style blanket that features three heat settings and automatic shutoff. If you continue shopping, we hope that our buyer’s guide will help you sort the best products from the bad.

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